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VMC; 30" x 16" x 20" (xyz), 30-hp inline direct drive.

The Super VF-2 comes standard with an innovative 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle, an ultra-fast tool changer and 1400-ipm rapids. The unique inline, direct-drive system couples the motor directly to the spindle rather than using belts. Less vibration, less heat and less noise than other drive systems provides better surface finishes, thermal stability and very quiet operation. The newly designed 24+1 side-mount tool changer uses lighter materials and a high-performance servo motor, for tool changes that take less than 1.5 seconds tool to tool. High-pitch ball screws and high-torque servo motors on all axes provide rapids of 1400 ipm.

Added options:

Expanded Memory to 16 MB: Allows loading of large programs directly into the machine, rather than DNC, for faster feed rates. High-speed static RAM is faster than dynamic RAM and retains data even when the power is turned off.

4th-Axis Drive and Wiring: Allows the use of 4th- and 5th-axis rotary tables for multi-side machining or machining complex contours and shapes, such as impellers. Yields increased productivity and reduces setups.

High-Speed Machining :High-Speed Machining with Look Ahead Feature Higher throughput allows faster feed rates and more complex tool paths without hesitation or starving the machine. This option improves productivity and profit margins by yielding a better part finish and faster cycle times. Using a motion algorithm called "acceleration before interpolation" combined with full look-ahead of up to 80 blocks, the High-Speed Machining option provides cutting feed rates up to 833 inches per minute without risk of distortion to the programmed path. This results in drastically reduced cycle times while providing improved accuracy and smoother motion.

Linear Scales for X, Y, Z axis: When absolute positioning accuracy is necessary, linear scales are the only way to ensure exact axis positioning under the fluctuating conditions that exist in today’s machine shops. Linear scales ensure positioning accuracy along X, Y and Z-axes by compensating for the thermal variations inherent in all machine tools. These scales deliver positioning accuracy of 2 microns to guarantee the type of precision that mold making and other high-tolerance machining applications demand.

Thru-Spindle Coolant: The Thru-spindle coolant operates via an auxiliary pump that supplies coolant at 300 psi to the cutting edge. This improves tool life and allows higher speeds, deep hole drilling and blind pocket milling. The result is high productivity and reduced cycle times.

TRAVELS  S.A.E. Metric
Maximum X Axis  30 "  762 mm  
Maximum Y Axis  16 "  406 mm  
Maximum Z Axis  20 "  508 mm  
Spindle nose to table (min)  4 "  102 mm  
Spindle nose to table (max)  24 "  610 mm  
Length  36 "  914 mm  
Width  14 "  356 mm  
Max Weight on Table  1500 lb  680 kg  
T-slot Width  0.625 "  15.875 mm  
T-slot Center Distance  4.92 "  125 mm  
SPINDLE  S.A.E. Metric
Taper Size  #40 Taper   #40 Taper  
Spindle Max Speed  12000 rpm  12000 rpm  
Drive System  Inline Direct Drive   Inline Direct Drive  
Max Torque Standard  75 ft-lb @ 2100 rpm 102 Nm @ 2100 rpm 
Spindle Motor Max. Rating  30 hp  22.4 kw  
Bearing Lubrication  Air/Oil Injection   Air/Oil Injection  
Cooling  Liquid Cooled   Liquid Cooled  
Max Thrust Rating X  1995 lb  8874 N  
Max Thrust Rating Y  1995 lb  8874 N  
Max Thrust Rating Z  3085 lb  13723 N  
Rapids on X Axis  1400 in/min  35.6 m/min  
Rapids on Y Axis  1400 in/min  35.6 m/min  
Rapids on Z Axis  1400 in/min  35.6 m/min  
Max Cutting  833 in/min  21.2 m/min  
Capacity Standard  24+1   24+1  
Tool Type / Taper  CT 40   CT 40  
Max Tool Diameter Std (full)  3 "  76 mm  
Max Tool Diameter Std (adjacent empty)  5 "  127 mm  
Maximum Tool Weight  12 lb  5 kg  
Changer Type Standard (Optional)  SMTC   SMTC  
Tool-to-Tool (avg)  1.6 sec  1.6 sec  
Chip-to-Chip (avg)  2.2 sec  2.2 sec  
Positioning (±)  0.0002 "  0.0051 mm  
Repeatability (±)  0.0001 "  0.0025 mm  
GENERAL  S.A.E. Metric
Door Opening Width  35.50 "  902 mm  
Machine Weight  7100 lb  3221 kg  
Air Required  4 CFM @ 100 psi 113 lpm @ 6.9 bar 
Power Required  28 kVA;
200-250 VAC @ 100A, 3-phase;
28 kVA;
200-250 VAC @ 100A, 3-phase;