Strategy and Implementation Summary

Emphasize service and support.

Build a relationship-oriented business.

Focus on bigger companies for our main source of income and help smaller companies get bigger.

Differentiate and fulfill the promise. We need to make sure we have the knowledge and service-intensive business we claim to have.

Our goal at 3D-Machine, Inc. is to take years of machining, programming and product development experience and develop a machining and engineering resource for customers who demand total quality.

Our team has been a part of the machining process from the supplier development and satisfaction to final shipment of the product. Most importantly, all of our team has started out as manual machinists and continued to improve our skills to become CNC machinists, programmers and product development consultants.

With our combined knowledge, hands-on and management experience, we aspire to build an organized company that has a competitive edge with any company in the machining industry. Our costs will be lower, our customer satisfaction higher and our sales will continue to grow.

3D-Machine, Inc. is an aggressive company capable of accepting and downloading any electronic media to quote, develop working prints for tooling and production parts including cutter paths. We have significant experience in 4th, 5th axis and 3-D tool paths for vertical milling centers.

3D-Machine, Inc. will machine parts to meet customers’ exacting specifications. We understand the requirements and are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality at competitive prices, on schedule.

3D-Machine, Inc. is built on the fact that no individual is smarter than the other, but together we are stronger than anyone. The same applies to our customer. Without the customer, 3D-Machine, Inc. could not exist. It is very important to us that every customer is of equal importance. With the existing state of technology, which is not conducive to face-to-face customer relations, we may not shake your hand every day. Our handshake will be the quality of work, communication, and turn-around time you will receive from our highly skilled team. The individuals at 3D-Machine, Inc. did not decide to start a company to get rich; we have simply seen an opportunity to improve the quality of products and service within the machining industry. With the technology available, we will be able to keep track and record times on any job, from one-piece jobs to thousands of pieces. Using set up sheets and digital pictures for each setup, including a tool list and supplies needed for each job, the compiled information will allow us to be more efficient. This will allow us to have a quick turn around on short notice. (Product improvements and cost savings to 3D-Machine, Inc. and its customers.)

The machining industry is the backbone of all companies. This will always be in demand. Everything made that you see around you has at one time required some type of machining process.

What makes a machine shop successful is not the lowest price. Quality and on-time delivery are the two biggest factors that our customers look for. Technology is a major key to assuring quality, cost improvement and delivery performance.

Many of your smaller companies are not willing to update to today’s technology which may result in systems that will provide quality products today but will not provide for the improvements in performance required by increasingly competitive marketplace.

Companies will not use you as a supplier if you are unable to download e-mail; DWG, IGES, DXF, SAT, CATIA, STL, STEP, (PARASOLIDS). X_T, etc. Some of the bigger machining companies haven’t taken advantage of the new technology that is available today because of the lack of experience in the machining industry. It is especially hard to find help that is experienced in both the machining and computer side of the business.

PHONE: 770-222-4918
Our capabilities range from very small to large parts (up to 30,000 lbs). Examples: Tool & dies, fixtures for manufacturing, hydroform blocks, nuclear/ hydro power generation, proto types, medical parts, packaging equipment, etc….
•Hydro/Nuclear Power Generation •Medical •Automotive •Aerospace •Communications •Robotics •Marine •Equipment manufacturing •Pipeline •Pulp and Paper •Plastics


3D-Machine will machine parts to meet customers exacting specifications. We understand the requirements and are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality at competitive prices, on schedule.


Samuel R. Roberts

President/ Owner